APCSE has been granted the Rights for Marketing, Sales and Supply of
Parts, Equipment and Engineering Services from top American, Canadian,
European and South Korean Manufacturing and EPC Companies of Water
Treatment Systems. APCSE has access to Water treatment equipment and
intends to provide international supply and services for related
projects from small scale to Mega projects 100,000 M3/day and up. Our
water process systems support corporations in their various needs and
applications, meeting and/or exceeding the existing and upcoming
government/regulatory requirements.

The significant advantages of our systems are:

  • Low Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)
  • Lower Operating Expense (OPEX)
  • Specializing in Custom Built Design Systems
  • Increased/Enhanced Flow Rate
  • Turn Key Installation and Maintenance
  • Field Service & Safety
  • Technical Training

The types of Units we are providing are:

  • Mobile – Installed in a Van, Truck or Trailer for easy moving
  • Skid Mounted – for easy installation, maintenance and expansion
  • Containerized – for easy transportation and installation of high volume systems
  • Plant – for permanent installation of large water treatment systems
  • Sewage Treatment Units
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Mobile Water Treatment Units

Move them anywhere for piloting or providing emergency potable water. Flexible water treatment systems are built inside mobile trailers and can be customized for the water source (Wells, Rivers, Lakes and Seas). The main characteristics of these systems are:

  • Installed in a van, truck, or trailer
  • Various sizes of filtration technologies from 200 microns down to 1-micron absolute Ultra and Reverse Osmosis Filtration.
  • An ion exchange unit in case of high metal and minerals content
  • UV and/or chlorination systems for disinfection
  • Treating from 10 to 60 USGPM (up to 227 liters per minute or 330 M³/Day)
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Pilot test to identify the most efficient treatment for your water source

Skid Mounted Systems

Skid Mounted Water Treatment systems are made for easy Transportation and Installation with the following characteristics:

  • Installed on a metal frame
  • Water Treatment Systems are built on Steel Frames
  • Treating from 0.25 to 2000 USGPM (from 1 to 7,500 liters per minute, up to 10,000 M³/Day)
  • Designed to be easy to Install and maintain
  • Add and Expand the Units as needed to increase the capacity

Containerized Systems

Product features:

  • Easy Transportation, Installation and Maintenance
  • Modular, Compact, Pre-Designed Systems
  • Complete Plant in an Insulated Container
  • Automatic and semi-automatic Control system
  • Remote Access, Monitoring and Control
  • Integrated Energy Recovery System
  • Automatic pressure regulating system
  • Treating 1,840 USGPM (up to 7,000 liters per minute, 10,000 M³/Day)
  • Easy to expand by adding containers in parallel
  • Designed for Remote and Harsh Climate
  • Air-Conditioned Control room

Large Scale Mega Plants for Sea Water Desalination and Treatment System

These systems normally have high capacity of Water Treatment and installed for permanent use. For Sea Water Desalination, the Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration method is used which is much more efficient than thermal systems.

Building of these plants might be considered a reliable long-term solution to the increasing demand for potable water.

With access to the latest technology, is ready to take effective steps in providing solutions to large scale water desalination plants with high capacities.

These system solutions are designed, engineered, and built to resolve our client’s needs to lower the total dissolved solids levels in their source water for drinking water purposes or to be used in a commercial or industrial process such as boiler feed water.

In working with our collaboration partners worldwide, we can provide complete custom built integrated reverse osmosis desalination plant solutions. These solutions can be provided as a complete water treatment plant solution for potable drinking water, commercial/industrial process water or tertiary waste water reuse.

These desalination system solutions would encompass:

  • Energy efficient and environmentally conscious feed water intakes
  • Specialized pretreatment
  • Reverse osmosis desalination process integrating nanofiber technology
  • Post remineralization
  • Disinfection and brine discharge in both brackish water and sea water applications

Custom built modular system capacities range from 250 M³/d (46 gpm) to 100,000 M³/d or larger.