Sewage Water Treatment Systems

APCSE has access to a unique approach to the wastewater treatment plant design. By stacking the process building on top of the plant’s tanks we cut the plant footprint in half. Stacking the plant also eliminates electrical and pipe interconnections between buildings, minimizing the time and cost of site installation.

Our Sewage treatment systems employ the latest technology of membrane bio-reactors that makes them compact, durable, cost-effective and highly safe. The containerized units can handle 25 to 220 M³/D of sewage. Larger units can be designed and built based on requirements. The utilized cleaning in place (CIP) system enables fast cleaning of the filters which take only 15 minutes every two days. They are modular and scalable that makes them fit for a fluctuating population.

Industrial Wastewater

Industrial wastewater treatment systems, require special design based on analysis of the inlet water and the quality of the permeate outlet water. These systems are mainly used for refine, safe disposal, recycle or reusing the following wastewaters:

  • Preparing Polymer solutions or separation
  • Oil removal in heavy oil steam injection operations
  • Stagnant waters from oil and gas operations
  • Ozone injection systems
  • Highly Saline water treatment
  • Mineral and metals removal
  • Food and beverage wastewaters