Hydro power is a renewable energy source that is economically attractive, provides security of supply, and has low levels of CO2 emissions.

As a renewable energy source, hydro power plants play a key role in conserving the world’s natural resources. APCSE supplies for hydro power plants – from plant automation systems and electrical balance of plant to generator circuit breakers, power transformers, switchgear, motors and drives.

We also invest in modernizing and upgrading power plants and conducting comprehensive dam safety measures.


  • Strong customer focus and new customer-centric business models.
  • A more sustainable energy portfolio.
  • A more sustainable energy portfolio.


Climate and environment: Hydropower is a renewable energy source that causes almost no emissions that impact the climate or the environment. However, power plants are a significant encroachment on the landscape and impact river ecosystems. A power plant may also affect animal and plant life in the vicinity.

Security of supply: Hydro power plants provide large-scale and stable electricity generation. But sustained high generation levels are dependent on precipitation. Hydropower also functions as balancing power, since capacity can be rapidly changed to compensate for differences in generation and consumption in the mains supply.

Competitiveness: Hydropower has no fuel costs and competitive generation costs. Constructing a new power plant requires a substantial investment, but its economic life is long.

APCSE overarching strategy: is focused on strengthening the company’s customer focus and on transforming to a more sustainable energy portfolio. Parallel with this, we must be able to generate a market rate of return to the owner and be a long-term financially stable company.