To win our bids we try to get into position with the right marketing efforts. Our business development strategies include market assessments, relationship marketing, lead generation and qualification, sales and closing techniques, customer and competitive intelligence gathering, and ultimately proposal writing.

We position ourselves with the right business development and marketing efforts so chances of winning the proposal are greatly increased Here are some business development tips.

  • The processes, drivers and terminology relevant to the industry
  • The asset commercialization issues unique to the oil & gas sector
  • The risk and opportunity exposures of different stakeholders
  • New global resource trends, supply chains and environmental constraints
  • What needs to be measured to monitor and improve performance in the industry
  • Best practices in managing the oil and gas industry’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats


  • Be Inspiring: The way we come across and relate to a prospective client will often be the difference between an enquiry and a sale. Being genuine, positive and enthusiastic, and have confidence and belief in our team makes our prospective clients to find us.
  • Maximize our Online Opportunities: Our online presence not only gives us credibility as a business, but it reduces our need to personally address frequently asked questions, over and over again.
  • Encourage referrals and word-of-mouth business: This will help grow our network and encourage the people we’ve referred business to, to look out for business to refer to us
  • Form strategic alliances: Create relationships with other business owners with a similar target market and ask them to refer their clients to our business when they notice an opportunity and offer to do the same for them.
  • Follow up effectively: After meeting a potential client or referral source, we ensure that we follow and stay in contact with them.

We design a sales and marketing plan that we action on a daily basis.


  • Marketing
  • Training of Technology (short courses & Diploma program)
  • EPC company (Negotiation & Contract)
  • Transfer of Technology (TOT)
  • Investors (Evaluation, Selection, Negotiation)
  • North American Service companies (Evaluation, Selection, Negotiation)


  • Local sales office establishment
  • International Contract office & Commerce Regulation